Composite Applications For Stairs & Handrails

Whether it’s functional or aesthetic, composite is an ideal material choice for use in stairs and handrails. Composite offers both structural security, good looks, and provides a lower maintenance addition to any deck, outdoor area, or stairwell.

Benefits of Eva-Last Composite for Stairs

Eva-Last has three advanced bamboo composite ranges namely Apex, Infinity, and Eva-tech. Each range offers an impressive warranty, is resistant to stains, scratches, moisture issues like warping, rotting, cracking, or twisting, and have protection against harsh weather and high traffic. Each range offers beautiful colours which embody specific timber types, as well their own individual set of benefits.

When creating stairs, the most important aspect is using a board profile which is suitable for this applications. Eva-Last manufactures an Infinity Stair Tread board which is made specifically for stairs. Other square edge boards are also manufactured with this type of application in mind. This ensures the integrity of the board and therefore the safety around the installation. However, when laying stairs, it is imperative to consult with an expert. Always consider the substrate used be it existing or new and the gradient of the area and the depth of the stairs. We always advise consulting an engineer to ensure stairs meet safety regulations whist being an aesthetic feature.

Handrails can made using the matching composite decking boards on the top of posts. Alternatively, products like Lifespan aluminium beams have also been used to create stunning and durable handrail solutions.

If you have railing running the perimeter of the deck, it makes sense to continue with this same product down the stairs. Railing serves a critical role in keeping your family and friends safe. Eva-Last offers a resilient and attractive range of railing called RapidRail. It is a composite product which is low-maintenance, cost-effective, and designed for simplified installation. It is available in select colours of the Infinity and Eva-tech ranges, enabling you to finish off your deck with a matching wood-look railing.

When considering railing, particularly when its key function is for safety around a pool area, it is important to consult the regulations for pool fence applications. Pool fencing must be installed correctly and to code to give you ultimate piece of mind when it comes to protecting your loved ones.

Whether you choose Eva-Last composite for your stairs, railing, or both, you’re choosing to enhance the looks and functionality of your outdoor space in a sustainable material that is gentler on the Earth.