Eva-Last Products

The Eva-Last product range has expanded in response to market demand for more; more high quality alternatives to timber that help make your home or commercial space uniquely you. Our composite decking boasts exceptional attention to detail making it the most successful composite product around the globe and in every type of extreme weather Mother Nature can muster.

To ensure that our industry-leading composite products have an equally impressive fastener, we also offer an extensive range of colour matching decking fasteners. While the Eva-Last product offering continues to evolve, what remains the same is our steadfast dedication to creating quality, eco-friendly products that make your life easier.

Eva-Last bamboo composite decking sets the standard in composite aesthetics and functionality. We take great pride in the level of care which goes into creating each of our decking lines. Our decking range offers lifestyle benefits like weather resistance, slip and stain resistance, UV protection, and industry-leading warranties. Our composite decking boards are splinter-free and, most importantly, gentle on the Earth. Yet each decking line also offers specialised benefits to suit different building projects around the world and nuanced natural colour tones to match your particular style.

A pergola adds a touch of romance and elegance to your outdoor space, while also providing some much-needed shade or shelter depending on your specific climate. A composite pergola offers all the aesthetic and lifestyle benefits of a traditional wood pergola but with the added bonuses of being low-maintenance and eco-friendly. Eva-Last composite pergolas and beams go one step further by providing an exceptionally long-lasting, natural looking composite pergola or composite beam. Our Lifespan range provides the highly durable, eco-friendly architectural detail that serves as the perfect complement to Eva-Last composite decking. Advanced engineering allows our lightweight composite beam to have the span capability of much heavier beams, giving you quicker installation and more design options. Choose from a range of natural colours and enjoy the built-in UV protection that comes with each of our composite beams.
A deck is only as strong as its weakest fastener. That’s why we at Eva-Last have undertaken the task of creating decking fasteners that are as reliable as our time-tested composite decking. Our HULK fasteners match the warranties of our composite products – and match their colours as well. Our hidden deck fasteners beautifully accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of composite and work with composite and timber grooved decking boards for an uninterrupted final look. Our top-fixing screws are colour matched to blend in with our composite boards or most other composite and timber decking profiles and provide long-lasting hold. Eva-Last decking fasteners help streamline installation and create a better quality end installation.