The spirit of New Zealand is synonymous with barbeques and campfires. Whether you’ve escaped to the beach or mountains for the weekend or are unwinding after your commute home from the office, there’s no better way to end the day than enjoying a barbeque and a fire with family and friends. Incorporating a composite decking feature around your barbeque and or fire pit can add a touch of functionality, class, and value to your property.

Benefits of Eva-Last Composite

Eva-Last bamboo composite is an ideal material to use as decking, seating, or storage around your barbeque or fire pit area. The durable, and weather resistant nature of composite ensures fading, moisture, staining, scratching, and maintenance are a thing of the past. With the added benefit of composite materials having a natural wood-look, this ensures a beautiful aesthetic finish as well.

Choosing the best composite

Eva-Last composite is suitable for around a barbeque or fire pit. We recommend Infinity capped composite around a barbeque area. Its highly resilient protective cap makes it the most practical choice, where there could be fats and oils that drop onto the deck. The polymer capping on Infinity means it is easier to clean and wipe up spills and splatters.

Our cleaning and maintenance regime can be found as a guide on the website. It is, however, always advisable to mop up spills and splashes with warm soapy water when they occur.

In terms of fire pits, as well as hot coal barbeques, it should be noted that hot embers that fall onto any composite decking can damage the surface of the deck, leaving irreparable pocked burn marks. If you do prefer an open flame barbeque, we recommend barbequing off the deck or opting for a concreate, paved or tiled area below the barbeque, finishing off with composite decking around the area. There are also protective mats on the market, which could be used while you are barbequing.

The key to the perfect fire pit area is seating. The low maintenance, splinter free nature of Eva-Last composite makes it an excellent choice when creating a comfortable seating area around your fire pit.

When designing your fire pit, it is always advisable for your seating area to be at least 1.5 meters away from the fire pit, as this would ensure any flying hot embers do not land on the composite material.

Whether it’s a barbeques area, a fire pit, or both, using Eva-last Infinity composite decking offers a highly practical, durable, and beautiful choice that will last for years to come and add incredible aesthetic and financial value to your home, outdoor venue, or hotel.